more about super puppy program

Here is a link to a understandable article on this:

youtube video…

another, I like this one!

Hopefully, as this program shows, it will increase the puppies immunity, their ability to withstand stressful situations, etc, etc..

Baby Bamm Bamm

This is a pic of the little girl, we have been tube and bottle feeding. She is coming along. Spoke with our vet, who delivered the puppies, for advice, and seems we are doing ok. She sucks, off Venezia, but may have some sort of infection, because she is improving, her lungs are clear, and she has no heart murmur.

me and Bamm Bamm

I am trying very hard to help this little girl.. She is very strong, she stands at Venezia’s side, to suck.

She weighs 1lb, 3oz. The other 2 weigh 2lb, 6oz. Exactly double, weird….

and, pic of Fred…


and, Wilma, doing super puppy stress testing….


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