My dad is doing better, checked on him, took his scripts to him, and he is feeling less weak. He is drinking gatorade, eating bananas, and applesauce, and is improving, slowly.

Still hot, muggy, had to run to Asheville, to Sam’s. Asheville is a pretty eclectic community, and kinda hippyish. I love it! Saw all kinds of cool little shops, stopped at Earth Guild. Picked up flyer to buy some sheep. Won’t Bill be surprised, if he has to build a little barn for my sheep and goats! I love it here. People are so friendly, kind, compassionate. They offer to help, and mean it.

Bill built some wonderful steps up the slope from the play pen, to the RV, and they are so nice, to be able to climb the slope, on steps, instead of walking around the long way, or…. hiking up the slope, with dogs tripping ya, LOL! Our new location will be so wonderful! Can’t wait to build the house. I hope it cools off soon, so I can help!

one day at a time!

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