Dear Wayne Pacelle.

Thank you, Dairy Carrie!

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Dear Wayne,

I hope you’re not offended by my calling you Wayne. You don’t know me but my name is Carrie Mess and I am a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer. A few weeks ago you posted an open letter to Agriculture Journalists and Leaders. While I’m just a blogger and don’t consider myself anywhere near a journalist, I do think of myself as a leader in my community, so I am taking your letter to be directed towards me and my peers.

After reading your open letter, I had a few thoughts that I wanted to share in response. I like your format so I figured an open letter back would work well. Your letter is pretty long winded so I’m just going to pull out a few bullet points to discuss.

  • It’s quite obvious that you don’t care for Rick Berman and Humane Watch. If I was in your…

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My Magic dog!

Magic is our dog, he is from our breeding. He is a beloved dog. He is not perfect, and we NEVER said he was. However, an absolute idiot, RETRIEVERMAN, posted about him, two years ago. And, stole my photo, and took credit for him.
This is the photo he used. He said Magic has no expression. I think he has beautiful expression.
He says he can’t see.
He is looking right at the camera, at me. I’m talking to him. I could go on and on. I won’t. He is an absolute idiot. Nuff said.


“One word frees…

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

by Sophocles


Nelson and Bonnie Garcia,

Wanted to warn people in the mastini world about this couple. We sold them a male out of Merlin x Venezia, about 3 years ago, and he died from osteosarcoma. We have never had any dogs, (that we are aware of), that have had this cancer. Research we have done, following this very unfortunate death, have shown that it could be genetic, or, it could be caused by microfractures, which could be caused by a bite.

We had been contacted by Mr Garcia in regard to this swelling on the leg, and we recommended he take the dog to Dr Allen, unfortunately, he delayed treatment, because he thought it was an infection caused by his other neo biting Moose, (the dog we sold them).

So, when Dr Allen did see him, the cancer was too far progressed, and the dog died. We offered to replace the dog, for nothing, but, because we felt horrible about Moose.

So, we sent them the pick puppy out of PJ’s litter with Merlin. An incredible litter. We have our Emma from this litter, and she looks just like her great grand dam, Prunella. We offered to provide the pup at no cost, but, they insisted on paying full price, because they liked our dogs. We sold the pick male for $2000.

Much to our dismay, within a couple of months, Mr Garcia contacted us, and said Blue was limping. He also informed us of the food, and the care that he received. He kept this puppy on a concrete slab, underneath his deck, in a fenced in area. (ON CONCRETE, IN THE WINTER, A PUPPY!!!).

Now, obviously, Bill told him to get the puppy off the concrete and in the house. (which we had been told is how he would raise Blue), and, at this point, we also found out he had raised Moose in the same way.

We kept trying to get the pup back, and when we finally did, his joints were RUINED, btw, he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, by Dr Allen, who asked, as we had done, that the puppy be off the concrete! And, she advised high quality food, and medications, and supplements, and the Garcias ignored every one of her recommendations. So,this poor puppy stayed in these conditions for about 6 months. Outside, on concrete, Ole Roy food, no supplements.

We sent a friend to meet Mr Garcia when he finally decided to return our puppy and wait for another litter, (yes, I told him I would replace Blue. I would have done anything to get my dog away from these assholes) And, Mr Garcia met my young, pretty young female friend, and he was so sexually suggestive in his convesation and interactions with her, that she was frightened. And, the vet records he supplied, were actually, the vaccines we had given Blue prior to our shipping him, to them!!! He received no vet care at the Garcias, until we insisted he be taken to Dr Allen.

Blue is no longer with us. I blame the Garcias. I have to wonder if they are to blame for Moose’s death, also.

So, no, we did not supply them with another male to ruin. And, it won’t happen. Yes, they did take us to small claims court, and we told our story, and the court found against us.

The object of this post, is that we are warning anyone with a litter of neo pups to avoid the Garcias of New Jersey, like the plague.

Thank you for reading.


We lost our beloved Caesar to bloat on Friday of last week. Caesar was a wonderful  neo, and  he was a beloved family pet, and will be so missed.


More August news

We have a beautiful litter here, on our mountain here in NC, out of Merlin and PJ! We believe it is the best litter produced here by Centurian since the founding of this kennel!

Bubba and Petranilla

Bubba and Petranilla

We plan on keeping a few of these pups to see how they do, and have placement plans already for a couple, we have two females looking for a great home!!!!! baby girrrl!Wish us luck!



My dad is doing better, checked on him, took his scripts to him, and he is feeling less weak. He is drinking gatorade, eating bananas, and applesauce, and is improving, slowly.

Still hot, muggy, had to run to Asheville, to Sam’s. Asheville is a pretty eclectic community, and kinda hippyish. I love it! Saw all kinds of cool little shops, stopped at Earth Guild. Picked up flyer to buy some sheep. Won’t Bill be surprised, if he has to build a little barn for my sheep and goats! I love it here. People are so friendly, kind, compassionate. They offer to help, and mean it.

Bill built some wonderful steps up the slope from the play pen, to the RV, and they are so nice, to be able to climb the slope, on steps, instead of walking around the long way, or…. hiking up the slope, with dogs tripping ya, LOL! Our new location will be so wonderful! Can’t wait to build the house. I hope it cools off soon, so I can help!

one day at a time!

importance of family.

Yes, my dad, Bill, (remember, I have 2 Bills!), he was very ill, dehydrated today, and I just dropped everything, and went to see him, he couldn’t walk very well, dizzy.. So, off we went to the local ed. His labs were ok, he received a liter of iv fluid, and I saw the local er.

Family, my dad, nothin’ like it.

My dad, and Magic!

change of website..

Here is a deleted portion of my website, and I just am putting it here, to save, and for people to view…

What can we say about our dogs? To start with, we love every one of them. We have raised them ourselves, most of them from puppies. Some have came as adolescents. A couple have flown across the sea, starting with Contessa del Gheno, followed by Ettore and Florra del Gheno, from our close friends in Italy. We can’t help but show off our Neo family!

Centurian Mastini is well into it’s 4th generation of excellent neapolitan mastiffs. Each generation shows improvement, health and conformation wise, over previous generations. We have 4 generations here, at CM, on the ground. We are planning a 5th.  And will be happy to show you. How many other breeders, can say that? Longevity is a much proclaimed issue, and many breeders say, that it is a priority, and a goal of theirs. But, when it comes to ages of dogs at their time of death, how old do their dogs actually live??? Do lifespans improve from generation to generation?? Or, is this simply lip service, served up to the unsuspecting anxious, excited puppy shopper?

We, here at CM realize this is a painful subject, especially when a beloved dog dies so young, having experienced this heartbreak.

This will only improve if breeders are actually working together to decipher the reason behind the young ages of death in so many very young dogs. Ask your potential breeder for statistics. Do some research. Ask how long their dogs average lifespans are. And then, think about your decision.

And one more question for your prospective breeder. And do your research. Ask them what they do with the dogs they are done breeding for them. Please, ask them. You may be very surprisedl For example, the ex-president of the national club puts his dogs into rescue. Then, ask us what we do with our beloved dogs. Please, ask us.

link to rescue site.



Centurian Mastini Prime Hickory Joe!

Sera’s puppy, with Optimus Prime… He is doing very well, 3 weeks old in a couple of days… big boy. Funny.. Heard him BARKING 2 nights ago, in the middle of the night. He is getting around, like crazy, in his little kennel, and in Sera’s. They are in 2 crates next to each other, and he is with Sera, several times a day, for feedings, and snuggles. He snuggled with Bill for a long time, last night!

Sera's puppy


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