apollos, group 4

Sorry, didn’t take on last post, but… this deserves it’s own post, anyway….

We miss you, Apollos!

Apollos, group 4 placement by Rita Biddle, respected neo judge!

Blanch O Zeus/Merlin/and Apollos!

http://neapolitan-mastiff.ca/site/gallery/gallery.asp?ID=75 Blanch O Zeus

and… my lover boy, Merlin…..

Offspring to Blanch O Zeus, 2 time world champAnd.... on a 90plus degree day, Rita Biddle, chose Apollos as a group 4. Again, Blanch O Zeus offspring. Grandsire effect? Rita Biddle, choosing Apollos for group 4 placement!! 95 plus temps.


Sera, missin' her daddy!

Oh, Sera......

still waiting... soon, baby girl

Sera started nesting last night. Weirdest thing, I was half asleep, and heard all this rustling, and scratching… realized who it was, and then…. what she was doing!!!!

Pretty girl….

great article for breeders… says it all.

check it out…http://www.thedogplace.org/Breeder/Mating&Whelping/Yes-Breeder-10072_Smith.asp

puppies singing – Brigda – Picasa Web Albums

puppies singing – Brigda – Picasa Web Albums

Old pics, of PJ’s litter… Love these, had to repost em… Hi Y’all!!!!!!!!! Still packin.

via puppies singing – Brigda – Picasa Web Albums.

Puppy breath, continued

I love puppy breath…. Ahhhhhh…

The elixir of new life, fresh and clean, (usually!). Hey, the eyes are open!! Kinda squinty, but open… and the ears are flappy too, like they are opening.. I love these days.

My little girl, is still gaining weight. She seems better, every day. I am feeding less, and she is getting more from Venezia, who decided today, that yes, she can leave the paddling pool for a little while, and come hang out with us, on the bed…(towel under her bottom!). She is such a lover girl…..

The boy has a white stripe up his nose, which was VERY noticable, initially, but is really fading, now. Which is very good….. He is big, and active… Biosenser testing continues, for another couple of days….. And then, I need to read up on what we do, next….

It is late, we are getting lots of snow, big floaty flakes… it is beautiful… see ya!

older pics…. love these.

Bill and the kids...

My Yogi lover boy….
morning after ear crop… with the babushka look!!!

Our baby Luigi, "hey, woman!! Stop with the photos... and go get my breakfast, pronto like!", hilarious..Now known as Centurian Mastini DaVinci, lives in Indy area.... he is a GOOD BOY!

more about super puppy program

Here is a link to a understandable article on this: http://www.breedingbetterdogs.com/articles/pdf/early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf

youtube video…


another, I like this one!


Hopefully, as this program shows, it will increase the puppies immunity, their ability to withstand stressful situations, etc, etc..

Baby Bamm Bamm

This is a pic of the little girl, we have been tube and bottle feeding. She is coming along. Spoke with our vet, who delivered the puppies, for advice, and seems we are doing ok. She sucks, off Venezia, but may have some sort of infection, because she is improving, her lungs are clear, and she has no heart murmur.

me and Bamm Bamm

I am trying very hard to help this little girl.. She is very strong, she stands at Venezia’s side, to suck.

She weighs 1lb, 3oz. The other 2 weigh 2lb, 6oz. Exactly double, weird….

and, pic of Fred…


and, Wilma, doing super puppy stress testing….


Super puppies..day one


Started super puppy technique, went well.

Puppy news. One of the girls is on antibiotics, (clavamox), and I am handfeeding in addition to nursing. She is tiny, half the size of the other two. Pics, later….She is finally starting to put on weight. The other 2 are huge, and the little boy is trying to open his eyes.

Day one

We are almost to 24 hours with the puppies on this side of Venezia. We are doing well. They are nursing well…. More later…

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