Puppy breath…

Later that night.... all's well....

Waiting for Dr Scot, with daddy.
brand new
cleaning those toes

all is going well at CM…. Good nite!!!!

Tante beneditta!!!

Just to let you know, this means “many blessings!”
Bill and I were blessed today! Venezia had 3 puppies by c-section!! Merlin is the dad, yes, again!!! She had 3 incredible pups with Merlin last summer; 2 of them were over 100 pounds at 5.5 months. I am so excited, after the disaster the last c-section, when we believe Venezia received too much anesthesia, and the pups wouldn’t breathe for 8 hours, WOW, this is cool!! Puppies are warm, nursing, actually finding nipples on their own!! Pics later, ok????

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